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I conceive art as an act of free expression and the artist as a tireless anthropologist of his environment and context. I do not pretend to represent my environment as it manifests, but as I am able to interpret it and assume it according to my personal and social requirements. As part of my speech I use signs, symbols, textures, materials and waste of everyday life to question different conflicts of the contemporary subject. As an escape valve, I investigate and discuss, from large formats, in issues that limit or mutilate, that evolve or involute the individual in their personal and collective development in these times.

- Yuniel Delgado. 

Yuniel Delgado Castillo 60x 80 inches 52
Yuniel Delgado Castillo 51438981_3136038
Yuniel Delgado Castillo  Tyr og mand 483
Cayador. 60 x 80 cm. Olie på lærred. 201
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Yuniel Delgado Castillo 53462639_2410117
Agujero negro. 130x110 cm. Oil on canvas
Incubadora. 185x155 cm. Oil on canvas. 2
The Common Man. 192x140 cm Oil on canvas
Zorro Vivo. 24x32 inches. Oil on canvas.
Relaj del tiempo. 160x140 cm.  Oil on ca
Es cueha el sorido de las aveu. Oil on c
Salvadora. 60x80 cm. Oil on canvas. 2019
Todo no lo puedo sostener. 60x80 cm. 201
Casi un besso les pierta a la fiera inte
Yuniel Delgado Castillo. Title. 60x60 of
Sold. Corazón._60x60_cm._Ink_on_canvas._2019.j
Terreno De Las Delicias. Ink on canvas.
Amamanta. 160x120 cm. Oil on canvas. 201
La union de la raza. 60x80 cm. Oil on ca
Ut. 100x80 cm. Oil on canvas. 2019.
Desconocido. 60x60 cm. Oil on canvas. 20
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Below is a video of this painting. 

Poder. 60x80 cm. Oil on canvas.

Existentialistic Environmentalism

Coexistence or Nonexistence


Yuniel Delgado Castillo's artworks revolves around the fundamental imbalances, which exist today. The first human beings on Earth - even though supposedly more uncivilized - maintained a balance, connection, nexus, or alliance with nature. A balance that we today, with the advances of technology and the seemingly never-ending consumption, have forgotten.

According to the famous German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, history (that is, we humans) repeats ourselves infinitely (not positively meant). The German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel formulated it like this: 'But what experience and history teach is this, that peoples and government have never learned anything from history'. Perhaps the only thing we humans can learn is that we cannot - or will not - learn anything from history. However, here we come to something very central in relation to Yuniel Delgado's overall work production. Yuniel Delgado insists that we CAN and MUST learn from history. Thus, Yuniel Delgado's artworks draw threads to the crucial events in human history, as well as to the basic human conditions of life, and to the basic characteristics of being a human.

Yuniel Delgado Castillo's artworks seem to warns us that if we do not from history and do something, things can (or will) go terrible wrong. Despite of this, the messages that Yuniel Delgado conveys with his artworks are without doubt positive messages. Looking at and analyzing Delgado’s artworks more closely, one finds so much love and connectedness between the human beings depicted, and between man and nature.

Yuniel Delgado Castillo's message is that there is still hope, but it is also a message saying that we have to reestablish the connectedness between man and nature, and the connectedness between us human beings in general. We have to (re)define ourselves as human beings, and we have to (re)define ourselves in relation to nature.

Yuniel Delgado has often been compared to Pablo Picasso. However, Delgado takes us further back in human history, where Delgado - like the cave paintings - is going back to the core of what a human being is. But, Delgado also takes us into the future, where he presents his visions of the future coexistence between human beings and between human beings and nature. Thus, one could claim that Yuniel Delgado Castillo's artworks are visions of the past and of the future.


With his artworks, Yuniel asks the essential questions: What is a human being? What is going to happen to the human race in the future? What is the relationship between human beings today? What is the relationship between human beings and nature? Why is it that Homo sapiens (the name is latin for ‘wise man’) is so unwise? Why is it that Homo sapiens feels superior to all other species? Thus, Yuniel Delgado represents a kind of existentialistic environmentalism.


At first sight, the visual expression of Yuniel Delgado’s artworks can be strong and overwhelming. However, the human brain is designed to respond to strong and ‘dangerous’ images as a warning, and today we have exceptionally many dangerous global problems. Both with the way we human beings act towards each other, but not least how we treat our nature. Therefore, the strong and overwhelming way in which Yuniel transmits this message to us, through his very powerful and expressionist style cannot be different.


The way that we live today is devastating in almost all aspects. In the most enlightened age in human history, and in an age where global wealth has never been higher, we humans are full of hate, destruction, racism, homophobia, and with our endlessly consumption we are slowly but steadily destroying the planet we are living on.


Yuniel Delgado invites to reflection and analysis of these issues; issues which should be so worrying for everyone. Nevertheless, for the majority of human beings, it seems to be somewhat insignificant. It is time to reestablish the connection with nature, and to reestablish the connection between human beings. Only this way can we create a healthier, safer future for ourselves and for our future generations. We must think and reflect more about our own lives, in relation to our fellow human beings, and in relation to nature. Finally, we must take action now to create hope for a salvation in the future, and thus avoid our own extinction.

Below is a link to an artbook with selected works of Yuniel Castillo Delgado:

Education and CV

Graduated from San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba, 2011

Exhibitions (Solo)


.   2020 La llegada del hombre común, Sapere Aude Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

.   2019 Giudizio Universale, Tibaldi Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy

.   2019 Selección de obras, HAV coffee and Art, Havana, Cuba

.   2019 Maiorum, Centro Provincial de Artes Plasticas, Havana, Cuba.

.   2019 Effugium, Del castillo Art Studio, Colaterales XIII Bienal de la Habana.

.   2017  Hominium, DNasco Gallery, La Haban Cuba

•   2015 Evolutio, Miami Art Connection. Miami, Florida

•   2011 The Whims (Los Caprichos), San Alejandro Art Academy in Havana, Cuba

•   2006 Drawings for Cuban Dance Event, Pro Dance Center. Havana, Cuba

Art Fairs

. 2020 Art Herning, Copenhagen, Denmark

. 2019 XII Florence Biennale, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art and Design, Italy

Selected Exhibitons (Group)

.   2017  Cheers,Provincial Center of Plastic Arts, Havana Cuba

.   2016 The Change  Pan Museum, Napoli , Italia

.   2016 Jade Museum , Costa Rica

.  2015 Cuban art conferences, Pen State University

.  2015 Borrando Fronteras Hub – Robeson Galleries, Pen State University

•   2015 La Pared (The Wall). Del Castillo Art Studio. Hialeah. Florida

•   2015 Colors United Expo at Doral City Hall, . Florida

•  2015 La Mano Hispana Art Gallery, Hialeah’s Milander Center for Arts and Entertainment. Hialeah. Florida

•   2015 Convergence: A Visual Dialogue of 5 Cuban Painters. Del Castillo Art Studio. Hialeah. Florida

•   2015 A Shadow of Every Origin. Del Castillo Art Studio. Hialeah. Florida

•   2015 The dream of the reasoning produce monsters (El Sueño de la Razón Produce Monstruos). Museo Karura Art Center, Vigo, Spain

•   2015 Cuban Artists Exhibition, Arte Mundo, Galerie De Walferdange, Luxemburgo

•   2015 Future. 12th Havana Biennal, Havana, Cuba

•   2014 Pop Up Art Festival. Miami Lakes, Florida

•   2014 Art Auction  to Support the Fight Against AIDS, Kalopsia Gallery, Boston, MA

•   2013 Aicon Gallery, New York US

•   2013 Cuban Festival of the Arts, Children Museum, New York, NY

•   2013 The Wall (La pared). Center for Cuban Studies, New York, NY

•   2013 Molina Art Gallery, Miami, Florida

•   2012 Erotic Art. Wilfredo Lam Art Center, Havana, Cuba

•   2012 Traveling Exhibition Around Vedado Neighborhood’s Art Galleries. Havana, Cuba

•   2012 El que tiene Alas. Art Gallery “Jardines de la Tropical”. Havana, Cuba

•   2012 Imaginerios Sociales. 11th Havana Biennal. Havana, Cuba

•   2011 Rostros de la Ciudad. Maqueta de la Habana, Havana, Cuba

•   2009 Entre Amigos. Mariano Rodríguez Art Gallery. Havana. Cuba

•   2008 Art Exhibit to celebrate the anniversary of San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba

•  2007 Inconsistencies. Romerillo Cultural Center. Havana. Cuba

•  2007 Local Artists Exhibition. Town of Jaimanitas’s Cultural Center. Havana, Cuba

Residence for artist

.   2016 Napoli, Italia

Yuniel Delgado. Food after extinction, oil on ca

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