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Wedad Alnasser is a Jordanian artist, actress, and photographer. She was born in 1976, and has been painting since 2008. Through her portrait's she explore the battleground of personal experience with alienation. From there she progressed into combining her own perspective with the wider political view. She was exiled, and the dramatic changes, which came with that, have become the defining features of her interpretation of the "postmodern life style".

- Wedad Alnasser

W 65x70 cm acrylic and wood on canvas on
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  • Almahres art festival Tunisia July 2011  -

  • Group exhibition in the Jordanian Artists Association-Amman- February 2012-

  • Group exhibition Jordanian Artists Association-Amman- March 2012-

  • Group photography exhibition 7x7 CAB gallery- Amman- 2012-

  • Art and Nature symposium Tallromman with Jordan National Gallery of Fine Art July 2012

  • Group exhibition in the Jordanian Artists Association February 2013  -

  • Participated in  yarmouk university in the Eighth Conference of contemporary Arab art featuring my work and art research  (in Exile) April 2013.

  • International artist book exhibition Bank Street Arts Gallery , Sheffield UK 2013

  • ART WARNING THE WORLD project created by visual French artist Klaus Guingand  200  visual artists from 200 countries are participating to create art work for freedom, Paris 2013 ,also at the Venice Biennale 2015

  • Mail Art installation (Memory) Richmond Art Gallery Canada 2013

  • Book art- group exhibition -Title (personal histories ) Red Land Museum_ Australia_ 2013

  • (Trace) group Exhibition Zara center Gallery –Amman November 2013-

  • Young eyes gallery group exhibition-Amman- February 2014 -

  • The 1st Arab youth Symposium Qatar Doha 2014-

  • Atelier Al Asmakh 5 Qatar Doha 2014

  • Group exhibition Almarkhiya gallery Qatar –Doha 2014 –

  • International artist book exhibition Bank Street Arts Gallery , Sheffield UK 2015

  • Group exhibition Turmoil X , Mojo Gallery- Dubai 2014-

  • The European Book Art Biennale Bucharest 2015-

  • Group exhibition Jordanian vision (contemporary artists )Venice-Italy 2015

  • Actress in Degrede( film) ,the film was nominated in  54th Cannes Critics’ Week- France-  2015 and the film won seven awards in film festivals around the world . Won best female actress in Annabba film festival Algeria

  • Art Researcher in the docudrama Tv series( The Great Arab Revolt) - Amman-2015-2016

  • China - Scenography and art workshop- September-  2016-

  • Group exhibition painted red @ Jacaranda images- Amman 2017-

  • Solo Exhibition (Exile) @Nofa Creative space –Amman  -August 2017

  • Art Fair Bahrian with Gallery Bruno Massa  2018 .

  • Philadelphia international forum for Arts 2018

  • Art Fair Jakarta with gallery Bruno Massa-August  2018.

  • Art Expo Malaysia with Gallery Bruno Massa October 2018

  • Contemporary Art Fair Paris, , Paris, France  2019

  • Asia Contemporary Art Show, , Hong Kong, S.A.R of China  2019

  • ArtBAB, , Manama, Bahrain  2019

  • Art-Future, , Taipei, Taiwan  2019

  • Amoy Conemporary art Expo ,Xiamen, China 2019

  • PLAS contemporary Art Fair ,Seoul ,Korea 2019

  • Group exhibition Qode art gallery, Amman, September 2019

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