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Shefali Ranthes art is vivid, colourful, thrilling and awakens the senses with her use of intense textures and generous brush strokes. The 50’s art scene lays ground for Shefali’s paintings. Inspiration is found in the CoBrA and Avant Garde movement, and her paintings are defined by a unique style of semi-abstract, innocent and spontaneous compositions of human- and animal creatures.

- Shefali Ranthe

Shefli Ranthe
Shefali 100x120,  Connection Pris 28.000
Times of need. 120x120 cm.
A minutes of break. 100x200 cm.
Rebirth. 100x200 cm.
Celebrating life. 120x120 cm.
The Violinist. 50x60 cm.
Lets talk. 80x80 cm.
The guidance. 50x60 cm.
Joy of life. 80x80 cm.
The feather of love. 80x80 cm.

Shefali Ranthe 

Shefali will not be limited by conventional techniques, but lets her inner child and the imagination take over the canvas. The paintings generate positive energy and leave the surroundings in a good mood, stimulating inspiration and curiosity.

Her work has reached a level of maturity and assurance that continues to attract new audiences and collectors. She has participated is several art fairs in Middle East, US, Asian and Europe for instance in several biennales, museum and nationals’ galleries around the world.


Her collectors are from the whole world including the Royal family in Dubai, Oman and Abu Dhabi and also the Royal family in Denmark has Collected Shefali’s art.

Her art is permanent show case at The National Art Museum of China Beijing, The National Art Gallery in Dhaka, Bangladesh and at Bursa Museum of Migration History Art Gallery, Turkey

Shefali has won several awards:
2018 Global Art Award, Five Hotel Palm Jumirah Dubai.
2017 Mind of a Winner Awards, Executive Women, Dubai.
2016 Dubai International Art Symposium (DIAS), Rashid Centre, Dubai, under the Patronage of Sheikh Jumaa Bin Maktoum Bin Jumaa Al Maktoum



1989-94                  Educated as graphic designer at the Art & Craft school in Kolding and DTO advertising Agency, Esbjerg, Denmark

2000-2003            Studying at The Art School with Fadavi, Lis Bramsen, Aarhus, Denmark

2003-2008            Bachelor of Social Education (main fields of study: Art and Culture)
                                    VIA, University College, Aarhus, Denmark

                                    Free study in Drawing and the techniques Denmark, Ghana and Sweden

2011                         ”Spektrum” summer art school with Thomas Skytte, Copenhagen, Denmark


1995                         Graphics designer in London
1996                         Graphics designer in Singapore

1996-2000            Graphics designer in Denmark



2007                    Member of Aarhus art society of 1847, Aarhus, Denmark

2012                         Board Member of Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC) Gallery 76, Jumirah, Dubai

2012-17                  Member of ZeeArts Commuity Dubai. Global canvas that Connects artists, Creates community and Celebrates Arts.

2014-17                  Member of Rotary Club of Jumirah, Dubai


2019                   Solo Exhibition, Galeri Helth, Copenhagen, Denmark
8th Beijing International Art Biennale, The National Art Museum of China

                            World Art Dubai, Installation “Nour”, Trade Center, Dubai
Solo Exhibition, Galleri Puls Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
Art Herning 2019, Galerie Helth Denmark


2018             18th Asian Art Biennale, Dhaka, Bangladesh
International Plain Air, Druskininku, Lithuania
Galleri Puls Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
Solo Exhibition, World Art Dubai, Trade Center, Dubai
Oxford International Art Fair, represented by A Bridge For Life, Oxford

                    Parallax Art Fair, Kensington London

2017             Brick Lane Gallery, London
7th Beijing International Art Biennale, The National Art Museum of China

                    Joy of life, World Art Dubai, Trade Center, Dubai
Carré d´artistes, Barcelona, Madrid, Spain
Carré d´artistes, Paris, France


2016             The Big Picture, Pro Art Gallery, Dubai
Solo exhibition, XL Carré d´artistes, Marseille, France
World Art Dubai, Gallery Art Zest, Dubai/London
Sharjah Cultural Centre, Sharjah, UAE
Dubai International Art Centre, Gallery 76, Dubai
Art in a Secret, Showcase Gallery, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai
Danish Embassy, Abu Dhabi

                    Carré d´artistes, New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Spain



2018                         Global Art Award, Five Hotel PalmJumirah, Dubai

2017                         Curating art work “The Next” Art competition for Innoventures Educations, Dubai

2016                   Mind of a Winner, given by Executive Women, Dubai
Dubai International art Symposium (DIAS 2016), Rashid Center,
Given by the Patronage of Sheikh Jumaa Bin Maktoum Bin Jumaa Al Maktoum, Dubai

                                    Curating art work “Discover yourself” Art competition for Innoventures Educations, Dubai

2014                                                       Sikka Festival, World biggest Abaya, Mawaheb from Beautiful People, Dubai
Guinness World Records, 2015 Edition

2010                         The Judging Panel of the Sharjah International Biennale for Children´s Arts


2019                    Charity Auction Dinner, Red Barnet, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016                    Art for Bosnia Herzegovina, DIAC Gallery 76, Dubai

2015                    Charity Auction Dinner, Senses Residential and Day Care for Special Needs, Dubai
                                                                 “Artist´s for the Kids of Syria” Charity Auction Dinner




2019                         Culture exchange, Beijing, China

2018                         International Plain Air, Druskininkai, Lithuania

2016                         2nd Edition of Artistic Retreat Cultural Oman-UAE, Abu Dhabi Dhabi

2015                         1st Edition of Artistic Retreat Cultural Exchange, (ZeeArts-Paragon Arts) Oman                                                        

2015                         Restart The Art, Sameness Project “Art on wheels”, Jam Jar, Dubai

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