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Conversations .jpg
Different expressions .jpg
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Fear .JPEG
In the beginning .JPG
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In the beginning 2 .JPG
Joy of life .jpg
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The inside and outside world .jpeg
Two artists .JPG
What is the reality.JPEG
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A painter is a painter .JPEG
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Verbal and visually philosophi.JPEG
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Markeds  Til min hjemmeside og instagram
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In the beginning 3 .JPG
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Shiny Happy People 24.JPG
Shiny Happy People 22.JPG
F Shiny Happy People 6.JPG
Shiny Happy People  21.JPG
Too many people came to the speech so we
G Shiny Happy People 7 til og med her if
Leonor Fini. In the Towe
Ego og albert og Tune.jpg
A photo of a painting is a photo.JPG
Brain surgery .JPG
Conversations or four weddings and a fun
Conversations with the cuban ambassador.
Duchenne smile .JPG
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Udsnit line .JPG
A Shiny Happy People 1.JPG
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Colors and power .JPG
Anothere pic .JPG
bend heads necks .JPG
Communication .jpg
Four men and a funeral.jpg
Four Worlds.JPG
Kids rules! Or... Oh Children.JPG
Life is fictional .jpg
Line og Helma .JPG
Line Sculpture .JPG
Majken .JPG
Line, Bente og Kim .JPG
Philisofical talk.JPG
Same pating or Donald Trump seen from be
Smiles .JPG
The beasts in the golden ring or just...
The flood.JPG
Til Joan .JPG
Til majken og jesper .JPG
Up close .JPG
Verbal and visual philosophy .JPG
What ever suits you.JPG
What are you thinking at - or what are y
Yin, Yang and Trump.jpg
Line and ....JPG
Meat on the bed or the holy treenighed .
Til Majken 2.JPG
Til Max 1 .JPG
Horses and high heels.JPG
Majken og jesper .JPG
Protective arms.JPG
Duchenne smile 2 .JPG
Nesting .JPG
Two selfies .JPG

Gallery Sapere Aude.

Ved Glyptoteket 6. 1575 Copenhagen V. Denmark.

Phone: +0045 23 67 02 06. Email:

Open by appointment. 

CVR: 27 22 75 97

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