Martin Duvander - The unique and conformal human being 


Martin Duvander wishes to show how we human beings are (or pretend to be) in our many different cultural contexts. Martin Duvander shows the surface, the underlying surface, the pop art culture, the American flag with all its tolerance, intolerance, morality and double morality. The glossy images we all have on the social media. The absurd contrasts (beautiful as well as ugly), which can be found in the individual human being, and in the world in general.


Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur.


Martin Duvander uncovers a uniquely international vision. Growing up in Denmark, Zimbabwe and Greenland before living in Spain, London and Greece, working both in finance, advertising and software development, he is influenced by a flux of multicultural stimuli.


Through his art he puts the world on canvas, carefully selecting and layering unusual materials and cut-outs from fashion magazines melding them with poetic statements infused with a hint of social satire. Duvander captures a street art feel combined with classical abstractism together with personal imprints in the form of poetry on canvas. Since 2003, his work has been internationally exhibited at galleries and private foundations. Duvander lives and works in Venice Beach, California.


Duvander has long commented upon political and social injustices through his artwork. A firm believer in civil rights, Duvander believes that artistic expression is an effective vehicle to identify and comment upon inequalities.Inspired by the democratic activism of the civil rights in all of its forms Duvander seeks to add his voice to the chorus calling for equal rights for all.


Martin Duvander was chosen to showcase his art at the 2010 Golden Globe and the 2010 The Grammy's in Los Angeles, California.


Further more was behind the Rainbow Crosswalk painted in West Hollywood at the intersection of San Vincente and Santa Monica Boulevard, in June 2012 and helped the Lord Mayor of Sydney to install one in Sydney. Here after it sparked a global movement of its own and spread to cities all over the world including Toronto, Utrecht, Phoenix, San Francisco, Atlanta, San Antonio, Seattle, Denver, Maplewood to name just a few.


The ‘Centraal Museum of Utrecht’ will later this year, 2018, feature a permanent installation of the Rainbow Crosswalk in their collection. Events: Rainbow Crosswalks painted in West Hollywood, California.

Gallery Sapere Aude.

Ved Glyptoteket 6. 1575 Copenhagen V. Denmark.

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