Gallery Sapere Aude was established in 2018 by Peter Haisler. The gallery is a cutting-edge art gallery focusing on high quality Danish and international contemporary art. The gallery mainly exhibits paintings, however we also exhibit a variety of other media e.g. works on paper, photos, and sculptures.

Gallery Sapere Aude aims - with the art it exhibits - to address the major existential and existentialistic questions: Who am I? Who are you? Who are we? What is a human being? Thus Gallery Sapere Aude aims to exhibit art, which forces us to reflect about ourselves, what we see and experience every day, everyday life, and the life that many consciously or unconsciously choose not to ‘see’, or reflect about.

Overall Gallery Sapere Aude want to create more reflection among the individual human beings. In relation to the human being itself, but also in relation to the surrounding world. Consequently, we are very focused on introspection, which is the examination of one's own conscious thoughts and feelings, and is closely related to human self-reflection.

We work with artists who meet as many of our five criteria (in relation to what we think is good art) as possible. But not the least, we work with artists who have something at heart and who want to change something. To the better. Whether it is the entire world, or 'just' the individual human being they want to change is insignificant. Most of the artists we admire had a lot on their heart and many of them wanted to change the world and/or the human beings living in the world. To the better.

The gallery is located in the center of Copenhagen: Ved Glyptoteket 6. 1575 Copenhagen V. (150 meters from Tivoli) 

Homo Sapiens Burlesque NY  .jpg

"If you do not go to extremes, there is no need to go". 

Asger Jorn

Gallery Sapere Aude.

Ved Glyptoteket 6. 1575 Copenhagen V. Denmark.

Phone: +0045 23 67 02 06. Email:

Open by appointment. 

CVR: 27 22 75 97

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