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Kari-Lena Flåtens art is about people, dance and movement. All our emotions, conditions and personalities inspires her. She gets her main inspiration from meeting people, not least children and young people, but also dance and movement. She tries to capture the beautiful in the simple. Her expression captures both young and old with a human and recognizable message. The sculptures, mostly in bronze, she produces in collaboration with CAPA Esculturas in Madrid, which is one of Europe's largest and oldest bronze foundries.

- Kari-Lena Flåten

Little-girl, 95cm, bronse-page-001 (1).j
Hug Yourself. Bronze. 26 cm.  Kari REDIG
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Kari Lena Flåten-Lindbæk (b. 1972) is a Norwegian artist, born in Western Norway. She is currently living and working mainly in Malaga, Spain. She studied Art and Design in Lund, Sweden and Sculpture at Central Saint Martin, London, after her degree in “Children`s welfare” from Oslo Metropolitan University.


Kari Lena gets her inspiriation from interacting with people, mainly children who`s strenght and vulnerability often are exposed at teh same time. She works with sculpture, painting and graphics. Her bronze sculptures are casted in limited editions, never exceeding 8 of each sculpture. “I admire the children`s strenght and strategy to survive. They stand so strong and fragile at the same time. This I try to sculpture and recreate, as to shape the voice of the children”. Her art has been exhibited in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain and Austria over the past 10 years, she has exhibited her works at HM Queen Sonja`s Art Hall Oslo.


  • Bachelor degree in Social welfare for children with Art as elective, University of Oslo Norway.

  • Lund Art & Design academy, Sweden.

  • Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, London.

  • Residence Norway and Spain.

  • Member off

  • KRO (Swedish Artist Organisation)

  • IAA (International Artist Association)


  • Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo Norway, September 2020

  • Galleri Farsund, Farsund Norway June 2020

  • Galleri Holmsbustuene, Holmsbu May 2019

  • Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, October 2018

  • Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo Norway, June/July 2018

  • Museo de la Ciudad, Graphic exhibition, Fuengirola - Spain, May 2018

  • Galleri F48, Oslo Norway, April 2018

  • Queen of Norway, Her Majesty Queen Sonja`s Art Gallery, June to September 2017

  • Gallery Varden, Jeløya (Moss) Norway, Solo exhibition May 2017

  • Casa de cultura, graphic exhibition, Fuengirola - Spain, July 2016.

  • Museo de la Ciudad, graphic exhibition, Fuengirola - Spain, June 2016

  • MIVA Fine Art Galleries, Stockholm, May 2016

  • Sammer Gallery, Puerto Banus - Marbella, Spain 2016

  • Juried exhibition, Romelegården konsthall, Sweden 2015.

  • Nordea Private Banking, Puerto Banus - Marbella, Spain 2015

  • Priiskorn Contemporary Gallery, Copenhagen Denmark, Nov /Dec 2014

  • Juried exhbition, Galleri Hultman, Helsingborg, Sweden Oct 2014

  • Casa de cultura Fuengirola, Spain. Grafic art, June 2014

  • Charity event for PLAN Norway and its campaign "Because I`m a girl", Oslo, June 2013

  • Luftkastellet, Malmo, Sweden 2012

  • Separate exhibition, Gallery "Krydder" Sogndal, Norway. May / June 2012

  • "Konstrondan 2012" Collaborationexhibition Alnarpsgården Kulturforum Esarp, Sweden April 2012

  • Juried exhibition, "Höstsalongen 2011" Skånes Konstforening. Malmö Sweden, Dec 2011

  • Separate exhibition Gallery Villa Edith, Helsingborg Sweden, Nov 2011

  • Konstsalongen in Malmö City hall, 25-27 Nov 2011

  • "Hostutstallningen" at Alnarpsgården, Sweden. 5-6 Nov 2011

  • "KonstPåStan", Art in the city, Helsingborg, Sweden. 1-9 oct 2011

  • Salon des Refusès, Bathall 1, Galarvarvet, Stockholm Sweden. July - Oct 2011

  • Separate exhibition, Stationshuset in Molle, Sweden, June 2011

  • Lunds Municipality, Utsmyckning, Lund Sweden, May 2010

  • Lunds Municipality, Ljusgestaltning, Lund Sweden, Dec 2009

  • Gallery Albin Art, Briskebyveien 42, Oslo Norway, Nov 2009

  • Blae Tonar under Breen, Jostedal Hotel, Norway, Sept 2009

  • Art Connection in Slottspassagen, Øvre Slottsgate 8, Oslo Norway 2007

Represented by:

  • Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway

  • Galleri Athene, Drammen, Norway

  • Galleri D40, Oslo, Norway

  • Gallery Asker, Norway

  • Gallery Neo, Stavanger Norway

  • Gallery Fine Art, Oslo Norway

Hugh Yourself, Bronse 80 cm-page-001.jpg
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