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To all artists intuition is the most important compass. If you don’t risk yourself and your sense of art, nothing really matters. The cynical and calculating artist is doomed to end up in a blind alley. But not so is Kammilla Lynggaard. She is self-taught and hasn’t painted for years, but she already has a grasp of the possibilities of the painting. She is primarily an expressive abstract painter; her figurative language is spontaneous, colourful, imaginative and growing wild. Without discussion she has her heart in everything she does.

- Kamilla Lynggaard

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The human dramatics

From time to time Kamilla can loose herself in her paintings, but always comes out on her feet, because she invests all her power and emotion in making sure the painting succeeds. She can be sketchy and searching in her expression in her work, but knowing that the road towards the done painting can have detours and mishaps, she allows yourself that freedom. Basically, to her it’s about seizing the moment. It’s about daring to improvise. You can’t plan the road ahead for the really good painting. It has to come from sincere emotions.

There’s always a certain story in her paintings nonetheless. The artist dramatizes an orchestrates. Usually it’s about the correlations of people. The strong emotions. Aggression and tenderness. Cold and warmth. The unruly eroticism. Attraction and repulsion. The sizzling of sparks when tempers clash. We all we are all part of the lives others and these entangelments may lead us to unexpected places. If Kammilla Lynggård has a message in her paintings, that is her message for us.

Kammilla Lynggård is smart enough to build on her own experiences in her paintings. She doesn’t cut corners here. If the painting is to be authentic you must build on your own experience. Every painting of hers thus becomes a synthesis statement of where the artist is now and how she is wrestling the work.


Kammilla is still in the spring of her career. She knows she has a long way to come, but she works hard. She is serious about her art. And she knows that the world of painting is neither for the lazy nor for the beginners who fullheartedly believe talent is enough. She is an uncut diamond, raw in her expression and sizzling of energy and progress. It will be interesting to follow her make inroad into painting, into art.

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