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I have been always dreaming about flight. Flying in my dreams and enjoying the metaphorical flight in my reality. My art is a story about the desire to be free, to open the wings and to fly, to feel pure love, to let yourself go to your dream. I am an idealist and always do struggle to achieve the best. The best of my soul and the best of my presence in this world. And when I fail and fall, I always find strength inside myself to get up and to continue my way. My art communicates my most sincere feelings and ideas, tells stories about love and freedom. My sculpture and painting investigate people and try to inspire them to be free and to follow their soul.

- Elisaveta Sivas 

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Meeting with the reality. What is outsid
Meeting with the reality. What is outsid

Elisaveta Sivas

Elisaveta Sivas is an experienced Estonian painter and sculptor with international exposure. She started to create her first art at the age of 3 and never stopped thereafter. Her art makes you happy and enlighten your space with bright colors and positive vibrations. Kind energy spreading out to improve this world is what makes this art unique. It's about the Universe, our place here, our emotions, beauty of the world and magic of life. You may also catch a trace of a fresh Mediterranean sea wind that passes from the places where she passes much of her time.


Elisaveta’s artwork is conceptual and emotional. Her sculpture and painting are an allegorical interpretation of Human nature, existence, experiences. It is a meaningful story told in the form of symbolic figures and interactions between them, filled with intellectual messages delivered in aesthetical form. Elisaveta’s University background and experience as a researcher help her to continue a research in her art. She studies life, gender relations, society, fragile feelings and expresses notions and concepts in her art.


Elisaveta Sivas holds a degree in Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies and has a PhD in Theoretical Linguistics. She taught and did research at the University of Cyprus. She studied fashion and theatrical costume at the Art Future School in St. Petersburg. She studied ceramics at Valeria Polsinelli’s workshop in Paris and Vassos Demetriou’s workshop in Larnaca, Cyprus. Elisaveta attended classes of art in the Academy of Art in Palermo. She also followed painting courses and aesthetics of art lessons at the workshop of the artist Christos Avraam in Cyprus.

Elisaveta presented her work in group and solo exhibitions. Her artwork can now be found in private collections in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Germany, France, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Serbia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand.



  • 2017-2018 - The workshop of the artist Christos Avraam (Cyprus): painting courses and aesthetics of art.

  • 2010-2012 - Vassos Demetriou’s workshop (Larnaca, Cyprus): sculpture and ceramics courses.

  • 2010 - The Academy of Art (Palermo): courses of art (academic drawing and painting), Professor Franco Nocera’s class.

  • 2009 - Art Future School (St. Petersburg): fashion and theatrical costume.

  • 2007-2008 - Valeria Polsinelli’s workshop Graines de Terre (Paris): sculpture and ceramics courses.

  • 2002-2007 - St. Petersburg State University of Russia, PhD in Theoretical Linguistics.

  • 2000-2002 - University of Cyprus: Master in Modern Greek Language and literature.

  • 1995-2000 - St. Petersburg State University of Russia, degree in Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies.





23 December 2019 – 6 January 2020: Group exhibition, Thiseas Art gallery, Limassol, Cyprus.


1-14 December 2019: World Youth Forum (WYF), Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

I am an invited artist representing Estonia with a sculpture which will be exposed in the Reviving Humanity Memorial in Sharm el-Sheikh.


14-17 March 2019: FLUX Exhibition, National Army Museum, Chelsea, London, UK.

7-12 February 2019: "Alpha - Theta" Exhibition, Art Number 23, Old Bisquite Factory, London, UK.

8-15 January 2019: LUX Group Exhibition, Galeria Gaudi, Madrid, Spain.

19 December 2018 - 7 January 2019:Group exhibition, Thiseas Art gallery, Limassol, Cyprus.

6-9 December 2018: Luxembourg Art Fair, presented by Galeria Gaudi, Luxembourg.

15 September -11 November 2018: European Ceramic Context 2018, Grønbechs Gaard, Bornholm, Denmark. One of the two artists chosen to represent Estonia for the Open Call Context.

1-31 January 2018: Group exhibition, Thiseas Art gallery, Limassol, Cyprus.

1-16 December 2017: 10th Annual exhibition of Young Cypriot Artists, Akamantis Art Centre, Nicosia,Cyprus.

15 December 2015: Procreate Project, Group Exhibition at the Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths University, London, United Kingdom.

17-18 March 2012: Group exhibition, Art and Music, Famagusta Gate, Nicosia, Cyprus.

12-28 March 2012: 2nd Group exhibition of women painters with the theme “Woman”, Fimonoi, Nicosia, Cyprus.

21 December 2011 - 7 January 2012:Group exhibition, Tufexis Art Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus.

11 October – 7 November 2011: Personal exhibition of painting, Polychoros 77, Old Nicosia. Cyprus.

1-31 March 2009: Personal exhibition of painting, Cultural Centre, Viljandi, Estonia.




​March 2019 - Catalogue of the FLUX Exhibition, National Army Museum, Chelsea, London, UK.

February 2019 - Catalogue of the "Alpha - Theta" Exhibition, Art Number 23, Old Bisquite Factory, London, UK.

September 2019 – Catalogue of the European Ceramic Context 2018, Bornholm, Denmark.

December 2017 – Catalogue of the 10th Annual exhibition of Young Cypriot Artists, Nicosia, Cyprus.

January 2016 – “Women in Art” Magazine 278, Issue I, Volume III, The January 2016 Issue, United States.

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Not in the Body, not in the Mind