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Ecce Homo Pop. 120x100 cm. Oil on canvas. 2020. $2000..jpg


Christel Vega Miranda (born 1991) is a Chilean artist, who lives and works in Türkiye, her studio is in the city of Kastamonu. Christel Vega is an artist specialized in oil painting, Christel Vega's artistic training is self-taught. After having entered various Fine Arts institutions, she withdrew from formal studies because she did not find in Chilean academies either the spirit or the tools to develop her painting. Analyzing the possibilities and circumstances of the moment, she decides to continue with her self-taught training and follow her natural intuition for drawing, color, shape, an artistic and visual criterion that she developed from an early age showing traits of a child prodigy, has made the decision and the adventurous and liberating path of a self-taught artist. After several years working as an independent artist, she has made several individual and collective national and international exhibitions together in private and public art galleries, art museums, and universities. It has been developed as a jury of Young Art, has been selected in numerous competitions and has received several mentions in the painting category. It has received the Honor Award in the National Young Art Contest, University of Valparaíso. She has been included in art books, she has been included in university and gallery art books, her paintings have also been book covers, her works are included in contemporary art museums in Chile and Dubai.   

2022 - COMING SOON - Participation with GUGA Gallery - Istanbul Art and Antiques Fair. İstanbul. Turkey.

2022- COMING SOON - Collective exhibition Art Contest Dyo 39. TOPHANE - İ AMIRE cultural center, - October - İstanbul. Turkey.

2022- Participation with MİA ART Collection in Bodrum Art Fair. Turkiye.

2022 - Solo Exhibition - Origin of the New World Exhibition, Hall of Bahía Utópica Galia. Chile.

2021 - Solo Exhibition - The Contemplation of Women. MİA ART Collection Museum .Dubai.

2021 - Picture Mention at the Carlos Nicolas Small Format Competition. Chile.

2021 - First Honorable Bread of My Spirit Competition, Viña del Mar Municipal Gallery. Chile.

2021- Honorable Mention in Painting Visual Arts Competition, Palacio Baburizza - Valparaíso.Chile.

2020- Collective Exhibition El Mundo al Instante 1, Isabel Croxatto Gallery. Chile

2020- Communion Group Exhibition, D.A.E Gallery, USA.

2020- East Asian Contemporary Art Seminar, University of Zaragoza Women's Power and Identity. Spain.

2020- Exhibition XXXI Museum of Modern Art - Chiloé. Chile.

2018- Solo Exhibition - Memento Mori, Sala el Farol, University of Valparaíso.Chile.

2016- Met to be part of the jury members of the Valparaiso University National Young Art Competition in Chile.

2015- Solo Exhibition, Modigliani Gallery - Viña del Mar. Chile.

2015- Professor of Materials and Techniques Workshop Manuel Concha Carrasco, University of Chile.

2012- Honor Award National Young Art Competition, University of Valparaíso. Chile.

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