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HORNSHOEJ is an artist that focuses on our primitive/true as human beings. Her paintings are often a combination of acrylics and other materials such as feathers and gold leaf and spray.  As Amber says: “In my opinion art is not something that just exists - it's here to guide us, help us and to make our minds open. I am personally using art to express my emotions, aggressive as well as loving. Amber believes that we are all primitive, which arises from the fact that we are all still just humans. Even though we live in a high technology world, it is important to remember our primitive side, and remember were we all come from.


Amber Hornshøj. CUNT. 100x120. 2019. 10.
Amber sold.jpg
Amber. GROUNDED.  80x100 cm. 2019.  7599
Amber LIAR. 100x120. 2019. 10.599kr.jpg
sold 5.jpg
Sold 1.jpg
Sold 4.jpg
SOLD 3.jpg
Amber Hornshøj. VICTORY.  50x50. 2019.
Good intentions 100x120. Bad intentions 100x120.  Amber.jpg
Amber nyt profile pic.jpg
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